G Suite has improved work, collaboration and communication at this Top Retailer

One of the largest food retailers in Spain has successfully migrated to Google, improving the way its more than store 7.000 employees work, collaborate and communicate.


One of the largest food retailers in Spain and Latin America, with 7,400 stores and more than 44,000 employees.


Improve the way headquarters and regional offices worked and collaborated with in-store staff, providing mobility devices for more than 7,000 store employees.


Intelligence Partner developed a Change management plan as a key foundation to transform the way the group worked.

For that purpose, several Transformation Labs were performed in Spain that helped us identify more than 10 business processes to be improved by using G Suite.

There was a Key role of a Google Cloud team during all the process, in order to leverage all Google Cloud services to achieve the digital transformation. The Google services used in the project were:

  • G Suite: Business, Business Lite, Basic & Lite
  • Google Apps Script
  • AppMaker
  • App Engine, BigQuery, Functions, Data Studio
  • Google Maps

Intelligence Partner worked on a Key Project in order to measure the way employees used G Suite and increase productivity by using it better. An independent consulting firm was involved in order to define a KPI benchmarking with other worldwide retailers. In the first phase, the group identified KPI’s in three areas:

  • Email – reduce and improve the way employees send and receive emails
  • Collaboration – improve the way employees collaborate, creating and sharing docs
  • Meeting quality – improve the quality of the employees’ meetings



One of the main results is that the number of users increased from 1,000 in 2013, to 11,125 in June 2018, including in-store users. Also, more than 10 business processes improved with G Suite & GCP services:


  • Fresh food Quality Control at 20 warehouses, using Google Sites, Google Sheets, Google Forms and Apps Script. The main result of this was the reduction of the complaint timeframe with Fresh Food Suppliers.
  • IT Purchasing Approval workflow with AppMaker. The group gained agility in implementing a new process to improve the control and expense of computer purchases. This took only 2 weeks thanks to App Maker.
  • Human Resources policy process thanks to Google Docs and Apps Script. The main benefit was the acceleration of the process of creation and approval of the HR department new regulations.
  • MDM for more than 7,000 Stores. Main benefit: Provision and Manage mobile devices at store level

¿Which was the improvement in transformation KPI’s results?

  • 22% reduction in emails traffic
  • 3x increase in collaboration through Docs, Sheets & Slides
  • 10% reduction in meeting attendees

G Suite and Intelligence Partner have been instrumental in our path to Digital Transformation, changing the way we work and collaborate with our more than 7,000 stores in 4 different countries from our headquarters and regional offices. Today, Google is one of our main systems in order to run our company– CIO of the company.

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