EMDOC improves document management thanks to G Suite

Thanks to the implementation of G Suite in the company, the storage is no longer a problem. In addition, it has facilitated and accelerated all the processes in terms of organization and collaboration


EMDOC is a global mobility consultancy founded in 1985, specialized in helping multinational companies move their executives to Brazil, as well as their legal status in Brazil. In the same way, they help companies that want to send Brazilian workers abroad.


The company had many challenges.

When it comes to a consultancy firm, the amount of documentation with which they work is huge. So storage was a factor of great importance to them.

Not only that, they also had difficulties searching their emails due to indexing issues. They worked constantly with attachments and the lack of communication in real time hindered and slowed down many of the processes.

At EMDOC they needed a tool that would help them not only with the management of all the amount of documentation, but also facilitate and accelerate all the processes in terms of organization and collaboration.


Financially speaking, from the beginning they quickly realised that entering the world of Google would result in a reduction of almost 50% to their license costs.

On top of that, they had a range of features included. For a consultancy of this type, access to the cloud from anywhere in the world facilitates negotiation. Also, the possibility of sharing the work in the spreadsheets in real time is a primary functionality for EMDOC, since its workforce use them a lot. Thanks to Google Spreadsheets, multiple people can work together from anywhere in the same document at the same time, while communicating through Hangouts or Google Meet.

In EMDOC they work with a very large volume of information via scanned documents and thanks to G Suite the consultants who are, for example, in the Consulates, can take a picture of the document, send it and grant access to it.


After 4 years of using G Suite and thanks to the migration to the Business version, EMDOC no longer has space problems; users have everything available in their inbox.

In addition, and thanks also to this version, they have Team Drives, where they are currently uploading more than 2Tb of data.

Nowadays, through the same search engineering used by Google, they can easily find any email, file or conversation from Hangouts and share Spreadsheets and Documents so that all users can work simultaneously.

Intelligence Partner helped the company to migrate Word and Excel tools to use almost only Google tools. 100% of the workforce have left Outlook and today, 95% of those workers exclusively use G Suite office applications.

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