ABAI Group, managing change in the midst of the pandemic thanks to Google Workspace

“It is as if we can all work in the same place, regardless of where we are”, Carlos Fernández Robles, Director of Digital Innovation and Transformation at ABAI Group.



SPAIN – 2021


ABAI Group is a company with more than 20 years of experience in customer relations services, outsourcing of processes, high technological value omnichannel management, Back Office services, Text & Speech Analytics, Voice & Chatbots, RPA and Big Data.

They have 8 workplaces located in the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, A Coruña, Zaragoza, Malaga, Leon, Lisbon (Portugal) and Manizales (Columbia) and more than 3,700 professionals with solid and extensive experience in different areas of specialisation.

With the help of technologies orientated towards the digitalisation of processes, they offer their customers a single integrated service model, which combines the management of people with innovative technologies and the optimisation of processes, enabling them to maximise the value of their operations and activities, as well as to improve their productivity and competitiveness.


One of the fundamental principles of the ABAI Group is a continuous improvement based on the use of agile methodologies and collaborative working. In this context, they were looking for a tool with which to materialise their leitmotif. Google Workspace, being a native cloud solution, enabled them to do it in a more agile way, avoiding the processes of sending, uploading, downloading or waiting as is the case with other systems. “It is as if we can all work in the same place, regardless of where we are”, says Carlos Fernández Robles, Director of Digital Innovation and Transformation at ABAI Group.

The change management process caught them in the midst of the pandemic. Without a doubt, starting to use Google Workspace reduced the response time, enabling the level of service to their customers to remain unaffected. Despite coming from a face-to-face working model, the deployment of 100% of the employees’ duties to remote work was immediate thanks to Google Workspace.

As if that wasn’t enough, they were also undergoing the final phase of a large expansion process, which involved a merger between companies when the pandemic hit. In this sense, having a reliable cloud-based tool with maximum flexibility to adapt to the variation in numbers of users enabled them to integrate the growth processes in an agile, fast and reliable way. The philosophy of full scalability and focus on the user has enabled them to integrate new users through the engagement generated by the simplicity and value it provides.


Thanks to Google Workspace, ABAI Group has increased the productivity of their employees and enables them to truly work as a team. For example, the mere fact of being able to work simultaneously on the same document in meetings is a substantial difference: they produce results with collaboration in real-time. The profile of their employees, innovative profiles, means the company demands solutions that can provide a high capacity to adapt and automate. “Google Workspace helps us to provide what is required to improve their experience each day”, says Carlos Fernández.

Intelligence Partner was responsible for this change management project. In the words of the Director of Digital Innovation and Transformation of ABAI Group: “They were truly professional, they accompanied us throughout the entire migration, helping users to perceive the change as a major improvement rather than as a migration. They didn’t just take care of the technical side, they also managed and supported us with the human side. It was a truly enriching experience”.

ABAI Group Logo


After 12 months, Google Workspace is now a fundamental axis at ABAI Group. New users receive their login details as soon as they join the company and are supported in the adoption process. The results are extremely positive. Currently, 100% of email users use Gmail. 63% use Drive as a repository and have familiarised themselves with the office software side, 45% of users perform and maintain their automation processes with Workspace.

In addition, many of ABAI Group’s services are provided through the Google Cloud Platform. They use everything from various storage and data processing systems, machine learning, to the most advanced suite of solutions from Contact Center AI. Having the power of GCP enables them to offer their customers solutions in a service format with a high degree of flexibility and speed, helping them to boost their business from the very beginning.

Throughout this year, ABAI Group says they have realised that Google Workspace will never stop evolving. The adaptation to a new context with remote workers and intensive use of technology in home office will increase demand for collaboration and team working features. ABAI Group opts for this type of solution to improve their efficiency and productivity, and to continue offering the best results.


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