Better Google Drive auditing and reporting in the Admin console and Reports API

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To help G Suite admins monitor and analyze their organizations’ Google Drive content, we offer audit logs in the Reports > Audit > Drive section of the Admin console, as well as via the Reports API. Today’s launch brings the following improvements to that reporting, making it even more useful for you:

  • If a user outside of your domain views or takes action on a document explicitly shared with them (as an individual or as part of a specific group), we will now show that event and that user’s details. Previously, this would be recorded as an anonymous user event.
  • If a user outside of your domain takes action on a document shared with the public via link sharing, we will now show that event in the audit logs as an anonymous user edit event. Previously, only anonymous user views were recorded.
  • In addition to the customer usage and user usage reports already in the Reports API, we will now show aggregated statistics around user behavior, like creating, editing, viewing, and trashing. These new metrics willonlybe accessible via the Reports API.auditorias-e-informes-de-google-drive

Please note that the first two features above are only available to customers with G Suite Business and G Suite dor Education (before Google Apps Unlimited and Google Apps for Education, respectively).

More information

Help Center: Drive audit log (G Suite Business)

Launch Details

Release track:Launching to both Rapid release and Scheduled release

Rollout pace:Full rollout

Impact:Admins only

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