Atmosphere 2015 : What do successful businesses have in common?

Google Workspace

In the Atmosphere 2015 Google Apps for Work  compiled some of its success stories and

invited some of its most outstanding users to share their experiences via a new tool:

the events platform, Atmosphere Live. How do Google Apps contribute to the

success of businesses? We shall review contributors’ most significant ideas and


Google Apps has developed remarkably over recent years. Since The Big Switch:

Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google was published (a book that predicted the

impact of cloud computing), many companies have started using Cloud Computing.

Google Apps saw the future in it and, today, millions of companies work using this


Without doubt, digital transformation has enabled businesses to achieve an

enormous level of development in a short time. Let’s consider the growth of Twitter

in a matter of 3 years, for example, and compare it to the 25 years Mattel needed to

reach the same point. Change is evident and this digital transformation has also

been capable of changing some industries completely through new business

models based on technology.


However, what do these successful companies have in common? According to

Google, they have learned to collaborate with teams in various geographical

locations to create and exchange ideas developed by the best professionals.

Some examples of success stories:

Google Apps in the White House

After working for several multinationals, such as Disney, Tony Scott began to work in the

public sector and is now responsible for the technology used by the public administrations in

the Federal Republic of the United States; in other words, he is the White House’s CIO.

In Scott’s opinion, the scalability that the cloud provides and the possibility of

creating work flows that can be shared by other administrations with a view to

centralising everything are great advantages. However, throughout his career, he has

learned of the importance of establishing goals in order to select the appropriate


In his case, security is one of the highest valued assets, and he mentions the effort

and results of businesses that are developing cloud computing by saying that “the

cloud is the best place to store our information safely”. In addition, he indicates

the importance of permanently assessing the products we use to know whether they

meet our goals, as the needs of companies change and technology is constantly


The Salesforce Lightning case

If the importance of retaining customers is obvious everywhere, it certainly is at

Salesforce. In fact, they say it costs 5 times less to retain old customers than to

gain new ones and, therefore, concentrating on retaining them is key for any


In order to achieve the best results for its customers, the company has launched

Salesforce Lightening, an experience that seeks to collect ideas from its customers

throughout the world, involving them in the launch of new products and adding

the improvements they propose; after all, they are the ones working with the product

on a daily basis.

How can you get such a large community consisting of 2.3 million developers around

the world to agree on something? They can all participate in this initiative by

exchanging ideas via Google Hangout and sharing information via Google Drive.

Making difficult easy: the Woolworths case

Woolworths, an Australian supermarket, sells all kinds of products, from food to fuel.

They have a workforce of over 200,000 people and, therefore, logistics becomes a

complicated issue.

The company stresses that Google Apps allows them to share information

with everybody, among the various shops and offices, and to improve work

organisation. Clive Whincup, Woolworths’ CIO, considers Google Drive as a truly

efficient way of connecting with his staff in various locations using a range of media,

such as Docs or Hangouts.

Concha y Toro, commitment to innovation

The number one wine producer in Latin America, the Chilean company Concha y

Toro, is present in 145 countries and has been using Google Apps since 2009.

They began to use Google Apps when they needed to enhance their mobility and

reduce costs. To meet those needs, they realised that by using this solution they

encouraged creativity and innovation, two aspects that have been key aspects for


The company also stressed how easy it was to implement the solution, as many

employees were already familiar with Google Apps tools, such as Gmail for their

personal use, and the comfort of using the platform’s various functions, which

makes work much easier.

A young view of Google Apps: the WeWork and cases

Tony Fadell, CEO of Nest and father of the iPod, also participated in these interviews

and spoke of the importance of design and of a new way of looking at what we

create to achieve products that improve the experiences of those who use them and

convince those who have never used them through their user-friendly nature.

That simplicity, together with efficiency, is what they stress at WeWork, a co-working

centre for start-ups where they use Google Apps so that all users can access the

centralised information and have the same opportunities. Arrive, cooperate and

share ideas to grow is a philosophy that this space shares via Google Apps.

Another example of young businesses that are expanding is the web for the

distribution of designer furniture,, which operates 100% online and has

seen a great level of growth in recent months. They launch no less than 2 collections

a week and, if they do not achieve good results quickly, they remove them. This

forces them to work quickly and to cooperate. Google Apps is their way of

cooperating, working and communicating on a daily basis.

In addition to all the success stories in many different sectors, Forrester presents

another feature that is shared by all of them: the conclusions of the study reveals

that Google Apps customers save up to 30%.

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