Google Workspace, the future of work

Google Workspace, the future of work

There is no doubt that the way of working has changed in recent months, and that the shift to a partial or total remote working model is here to stay.

Google has adapted to this by creating Google Workspace, a single workspace where multiple collaborative tools converge to facilitate the day-to-day life of workers with the most secure and best-in-class AI, search technology that helps you work smarter.

As a Google Premier Partner with more than 500 Google Workspace implementations completed we really know about this.

Benefits of the new Google work environment

Thanks to the new Google Workspace, the employee has even more complete tools with which streamline processes, become more efficient, and also more creative. How? Unifying the space and allowing complementary activities from a unique perspective.

Tools like Gmail, Calendar, Drive or Meet continue to exist, and with important improvements. For example, you have the ability to perform Live Stream, and record meetings, which are now much more interactive.

In addition, Google Workspace offers a multitude of tools for internal management such as Vault (for data retention and audits), MDM device management, DLP Data Loss Prevention, AppSheet, new in the ecosystem for zero code application creation, and a long etc.

Google Workspace is the most secure technology on the web today.

In this webinar, we have the pleasure to count with Moussi Samaha, Google Cloud MEA Regional Workspace Lead, and together we show you the new environment, we see what a migration project consists of and lots of Google Workspace updates:

  • Cloud Audit Tool (Vault)
  • Google security and anti-phishing protection
  • MDM terminal management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Remote Work: accessibility and new functionalities
    • New features integrated into Gmail
    • Google Forms: obtaining and analyzing the information collected
    • Organization of events with Google Calendar and Google Meet, which allows organizing online meetings of up to 250 participants, with the option of recording
    • New features in Google Chat that make your work more agile and collaborative.

Just for attending the webinar you will have access to a free Migration & Change Management counseling session.

Get to know Google Workspace and facilitate the day-to-day life of your employees with a single work environment!



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