Data Analytics: Let the data work for you

Data Analytics: Let the data work for you

Data Analytics: Let the data work for you

In these changing times, decisions have to be taken quickly and based on data. All companies collect and save data, but storing it is not enough. Having data that hasn’t been “exploited” does not provide any value to the business, your data has to work for you.

In this webinar we will tell you how, in recent years, the cloud has proven to be a dominant enabler in data analytics, allowing companies to connect and view the data in just a few minutes, displaying the genuinely valuable and relevant information.

We will also do a Demo of the two wonderful BI tools and will analyse the different use cases:

  • Data Studio: data visualisation and dashboard creation tool from Google. Make the most of your data with this free tool from Google.
  • Looker: the latest generation platform for multi-cloud analysis recently bought by Google. Looker offers more options to help you to unlock more powerful data experiences.

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