A leap towards collaboration and productivity with Google Apps

Google Workspace

Of all the tools that Google Apps offers, the group comprising Google CalendarGoogle DocsHangout and Google Sites has become a valuable real-time cooperation suite Captura 3that facilitates daily management tasks of your company’s workforce and also reduces organisational problems.

In short, the perfect combination to meet the needs of today’s professionals and improve productivity. These are the major advantages of this group of Google Apps tools:

Google Calendar

  • This application allows you to organise all your meetings and events with customers, suppliers and employees.
  • You can share your own agenda and overlay those of several participants to check the scheduling compatibility for any event.
  • You can also share your agenda partially – only including what you consider necessary – with other people.
  • Attendance control with the option to request confirmation from each user you have invited.
  • Notifications via Gmail: Google will send an e-mail so that you do not forget any appointment, even an SMS to your mobile phone.
  • Possibility to check an agenda without connecting to the internet.

Google Docs

  • Google Docs allows you to create documents on which other members you choose can cooperate as editors or readers.
  • It is compatible with Word: it opens, converts and can even be modified using the Office compatibility mode. This implies a great saving in software for your company.
  • You do not need to save the changes to the document as they are saved continuously and automatically so that nothing gets lost, whatever happens. You can view previous versions and who has made any changes.
  • You can include tables, text, images and even drawings.
  • It features intelligent editing tools to provide format and correct mistakes.
  • You can chat and include comments for others as you edit the text.
  • Documents can be opened and changed from a phone, computer or tablet; adapting to the mobility of professionals.


  • This is a tool to arrange on-line meetings via voice calls, chats or high-definition video-calls.
  • Video calls allow up to 15 participants. Consequently, meetings with your company’s professionals and with customers do not require travelling.
  • Administrators can establish measures to ensure privacy; for example, by limiting the access of external users.
  • It is possible to share a screen with other participants during a call or video call.
  • All the modalities include a chat to send links or other messages you may require.
  • People participating in Hangouts can connect via a computer and from Android and Apple devices.
  • Hangout appointments are included in the Google Calendar.
  • You can find and return to the conversations when you need because they are automatically saved.
  • Make conversions livelier by adding images or emojis.
  • As with other Google applications, its use is easy and intuitive for all.

Google Sites

  • This application allows you to create sites for projects, intranets or portals for customers without resorting to the IT experts.
  • Nor do you need to employ web developers or have programming skills.
  • It enables you to gather relevant content in the same place and in multiple formats (video, calendars, presentations, attachments and text)
  • You can share with a group of people, with an entire organisation or with any Network user. Users decide, as well as they decide on editing or viewing permissions.
  • The interface can be customised to adapt it to the corporate image.
  • Searches in Google Sites integrate the same search technology used on Google.

These four tools offer a world of combinations and cooperation possibilities. They adapt to the needs of companies and their employees (not the other way round), facilitate coordination, favour the constant exchange of ideas and the contribution of each member, making the most of time and, ultimately, increasing productivity.


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