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Google CalendarConceived from the bottom up to work in the cloud, the applications of Google Apps for Work represent another far more innovative and practical way to understand the dynamics of working: both collaboration and their usefulness increase the more knowledge is had about the tools available, thereby facilitating the day-to-day activity of professionals and generating improvements for both human resources and the end results obtained by your company. Among other applications, the Google Calendar makes the working day more productive.

Google Calendar is much more than an online calendar. It has been designed and integrated with teamwork in mind to reduce the time spent on planning and organising meetings and your daily agenda:

  • It offers full integration with other applications (Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts) so that users can be kept fully up-to-date regarding the next event.
  • Google Calendar allows smart scheduling of meetings as it is possible to very quickly consult the availability of all others attending. It even allows their calendars to be superimposed on one another in a single view. You can even share calendars so that people can be made aware of the availability of all other members, as well as comprehensive details about the event.
  • One very interesting option offered by the tool is the chance to publish the calendar on the website so that third parties (customers, for example) can find out about special events or availability for meetings and visits, with the added advantage of being able to integrate them into Google Sites directly.
  • Another feature of Google Calendar is the enormous ease with which it is possible to migrate from other systems (such as Exchange, Outlook or iCal) and even import generic files from them (.ics and .csv). If you have calendars included in other environments (Lotus Notes or Microsoft), for example, Calendar allows for migration or synchronisation with them.
  • Thanks to the enormous spirit of collaboration with which it has been designed, Google Calendar can be used to check such interesting details as which shared resources are available at a single glance. Knowing whether a meeting room or a projector are busy is extremely simple; they just need to be added to the Calendar events so that everyone can know their status and for how long they will be being used.
  • The possibilities of Google Calendar are so broad that it is even possible to create a group calendar to be accessed by only a certain group of users. This will greatly facilitate the scheduling of events in sub-groups. Here are a few examples: departments or project teams, schedule periodical meetings, holidays, etc.
  • By default, Google Calendar shows a reminder in a pop-up window or email 10 minutes before the event, which can be configured according to user preferences.
  • Naturally, as is the case with all other tools in the Google cloud, this can be consulted wherever you are on any mobile device.

Besides making the working day more productive, Google Calendar (as one of the professional tools by Google for companies) boasts the same advantages as all the others; i.e., simple and intuitive administration and settings that can be configured from the Google Admin console. All the data contained in the applications are always secure, controlled and protected against adverse situations, such as hardware loss or deterioration or staff rotation, meaning that they provide maximum efficiency and productivity in all areas of the corporate environment.

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