6 tips for big data success

Just when you thought big data couldn’t get any bigger, it did. Organisations of all profiles, industry and size handle big data solutions and recognize the relevance, timeliness, and even the need to take them into account.

Organisations that have learned to handle big data are improving their operational efficiency, increasing revenues and promoting new business models.

How do they do it? Their techniques for success can be summed up in six tips:

Think long-term, act short-term and do not hesitate

Information requirements, information structures… advance at speeds that IT infrastructures and policies are usually unable to match. Use a business intelligence platform that connects directly to a wide range of formats and you will be ready for everything that Big Data solution manufacturers can offer. Do not rely on IT, work with them and be self-sufficient regarding data extraction tasks.

Visual images vs numbers

The visual exploration of data reveals the history of the data vividly in a way that the brain can capture in seconds. “You see the light”, says Dana Zuber, vice-president of strategy planning at Wells Fargo, “that just does not happen with a spreadsheet”.

Provide users with tools that make them self-sufficient, enabling them to understand why things happen

“Big data organisations have over 70% more probability than other organisations to conduct BI projects mainly by the business community instead of by the IT group”, says Aberdeen Group in a recently published paper.

“Big data, like electric light,” writes Madsen, “illuminates previously dark corners.”

Create big data from small data

Regardless of whether your data are on a spreadsheet, in a database, data storage, open code filing systems, such as Hadoop or all of the above, you need flexibility to connect to your data and consolidate them quickly. That will enable you to ask and respond to queries as they arise, regardless of how big or small your bid data.

Make sure that big data do not generate big problems

Before diving into the big data ocean, seriously consider your needs regarding compliance with management and privacy standards for your company and the legislation in force in your country.

Get started: a journey begins with a single step

The last tip may be the most important one: just do it; big data is already at your door, or maybe even inside. Search for results now.

“I can answer questions in a business meeting with the same speed as I am replying now,” says Peter Gilks from Barclays. “Before Tableau, we used to talk about one or two days to answer a query. Now, I can sit down at my laptop in a meeting and answer questions with 20 million lines of data basically on the fly”.

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