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Digital transformation has meant a huge change in the way companies behave: they have gone from being reactive to proactive thanks, largely, to data. This enormous amount of information, that used to be wasted, provides huge value to sales and marketing teams to enhance processes to attract new customers. The best way to achieve it easily is by using Business Analytics and Business Intelligence tools like Google Analytics, Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio, which include advanced machine learning features.

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New times, new ways of consuming, new ways of advertising products/services and new sales methods. The time for companies to sit and wait for customers is over.

The tables have turned radically with digital transformation: now they must assume a proactive attitude, based on all of the information they have within their reach and on the information they provide to customers and potential customers through points of contact such as websites and e-commerce sites.

In this transformation, technology has played, and will continue to play, an essential role, enabling companies to:

  • Understand the behaviour of their customers and potential customers quickly
  • Adapt their sales and marketing strategies to conform to this behaviour
  • Offer the best user experience throughout the entire process

The process we are referring to in the last point is what is known as the sales and marketing funnel, also known as a revenue funnel. Defined in a few words, it comprises the phases and actions that a customer is led through from their initial interest in our company or product until a sales transaction with them is closed (conversion).

To know when to move phases, take specific actions or even disregard the operation, companies rely on technological solutions that manage and filter the enormous flow of data they accumulate (Big Data) to turn it into valuable information.

The 3 greats: Google Analytics, Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio

In this article, we are going to highlight 3 tools which, in our opinion, can best help sales teams to get the most out of data:

1. Google Analytics, obtain valuable information from the website

This website analytics tool helps companies to have a significant flow of information coming from the visits to its website. This very comprehensive and detailed information enables the profile and behaviour of visitors to the company’s website to be analysed to refine the strategy and establish the appropriate adjustments.

This data enables you to find out, for example, the conversion rates of your sales funnel (both generally and specifically for each action). You will also be able to discover these conversion rates applied to landing pages. And it doesn’t end there. There are infinite metrics that we can define and whose status we can check in real time.

2. Google BigQuery, data warehousing on the cloud

It is one of the services that Google is giving the biggest boost to. In short, Google BigQuery offers storage on the cloud for large volumes of data (terabytes), that can be viewed using standard SQL queries and also thanks to the storage of information in columns.

If you want to find out more about this service from Google, we invite you to read our article about analytical solutions for your business.

3. Google Data Studio, graphical representation of data and dashboard

This is another of Google’s services that is becoming increasingly important for companies, thanks to its features. In the case of Google Data Studio, it provides analysis of the business data in a highly visual way (from multiple origins, such as BigQuery, Analytics or ERP/CRM solutions from the business itself) and the streamlined achievement of results.

Its advanced features also allow users to create their own dashboards in an assisted and fast way. It also facilitates the creation of customised reports, on which multiple users can work collaboratively and at the same time.

Intelligence Partner’s proposal: combine Analytics, BigQuery and Data Studio

At Intelligence Partner, we understand the importance of controlling the sales funnel on your website or e-commerce site. Being experts in Google Cloud Platform, we propose an interesting combination to you of Google Analytics, Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio with our consultancy services.

Thanks to these three solutions and the expertise accumulated by our technicians and consultants, we will help you, using the data collected by your business, to gain a deep understanding of your users and improve your business strategy. For example, you will be able to:

  • Produce online and customised analytical reports from the key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and dimensions that you need for your business.
  • Quickly and accurately import information from Google Analytics thanks to Google Cloud Platform
  • Upload the imported data to Google BigQuery, the mass data storage service on Google’s cloud. As we mentioned earlier, in this environment it is possible to perform queries using standard SQL code and obtain results in seconds.  
  • Have customised dashboards in Google Data Studio using the KPIs that you choose. These dashboards, that will allow you to analyse the funnel of your website or e-commerce site, will only be available for users selected in advance, with different editing permissions.   

You can see how easy it can be to obtain the maximum value of your business’ data and turn it into a genuine competitive advantage for your business. At Intelligence Partner, we want to help you to achieve it easily and simply, supporting you at all times.

You just need to take the first step: contact us and tell us what your goals are. We take care of the rest.

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