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Google Maps:the best mapping technology at your disposal

Intelligence Partner is a Google Cloud Premier Partner for Google Maps. We can offer you anything ranging from the acquisition of licenses to a personalised consultancy and/or development service based on your company’s needs.

What benefits can the Google Maps geolocation services provide your company?

  • Use faster and higher volume advanced geocoding functions.
  • Integrate maps with safe content, delivering it via https addresses.
  • Keep track of reports on usage across multiple domains.
  • Check the ads displayed on the maps.
  • Enjoy support and business service option benefits. 

What exactly are the Google Maps APIs?

Through its APIs, Google Maps provides the business world with the world’s most popular maps, the most up-to-date and extensive geographical database available from any geolocation solution provider.

  • Google Maps Javascript API: Load maps directly to your website or application and customise it with all of Google’s features.
  • Google Maps Static Maps API: Load static maps to your website or application to show a portion of a map.
  • Google Maps Street View API: Street View takes you directly to the selected location, providing a panoramic view of the area.
  • Google Maps Directions API: It calculates directions between multiple locations, as well as providing GPS functions. Ideal for getting where you want without getting lost.
  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API: Estimated travel time and distance to multiple destinations
  • Google Maps Elevation API: Elevation data anywhere in the world
  • Google Maps Geocoding API: This feature converts addresses to geographic coordinates
  • Google Maps Geolocation API: Find a location based on information from cell-phone towers and wifi nodes.
  • Google Maps Roads API: Enable the snap-to-road function to track GPS navigation routes accurately.
  • Google Maps Time Zone API: This feature provides data of time zones anywhere in the world.
  • Google Places API Web Service: This feature implements Autocomplete as you type addresses; view and add up-to-date information on millions of locations to your site or application.

With the Google Maps APIs, you can create attractive maps to add to your website, SaaS, mobile application and/or internal platforms. This will enhance the visual experience of your customers when they log into your website or application, providing a greater level of interaction.

The Google Maps APIs provide a large amount of information that is transformed into many different features to provide users with a unique experience based on your needs.

Contact our geolocation experts to find out more. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.