Air Miles España (Travel Club) has implemented Google Apps with the assistance of Intelligence Partner

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Madrid, September 1, 2011. Air Miles Spain, a company owned by Repsol, Grupo Eroski, Banco Sabadell and Iberia and that manages the Travel Club loyalty programme, has selected Google Apps as its mail and collaboration tool solution. Francisca Huélamo, Director of Air Miles España, said: “We are pleased with the change to Google Apps. With the help of Intelligence Partner, the migration has been a simple process and we are already enjoying all the advantages of this solution: mailbox size, ease of access from anywhere any time, security… and, of course, significant cost savings. We must also mention the entire collaboration aspect of Google Apps (calendar, documents, ….) which allows the different working groups to operate in a much more agile and effective manner”. “We would like to thank Air Miles España for having decided to implement Google Apps. We believe, based on our experience, that this solution will easily exceed their original expectations”, said Miguel Esteban, Managing Partner of Intelligence Partner.

Intelligence Partner is the first Spanish consultancy company that specialises in Cloud Computing technologies. Intelligence Partner provides solutions in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Customer Services, Human Resources, Recoveries, Real Estate Asset Sales, Messaging and Collaboration.

Air Miles España was established in 1996 and is a leading company providing marketing and loyalty services. Air Miles España manages the TRAVEL CLUB PROGRAMME in Spain. This programme is used by over six and a half million households and has more than thirty business customers, all leading companies in their respective sectors. More information in:

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