Why Tableau? The best according to Gartner Magic Cuadrant

Business Intelligence

TableauToday, business decisions at almost any level are taken with the data on the table. More and more departments need data and need to handle large amount of data; however, it may be difficult be familiar with and make sense of all the data that we have to deal with each day. For this reason, Business Intelligence users demand powerful, user-friendly solutions that are easy to integrate with their everyday environments (multiple sources of data) and with a “self-service” philosophy (which does not depend on IT to make small changes or new reports).

According to the latest Magic Cuadrant, published in February 2015 by the prestigious tech consultancy Gartner (and for the third consecutive year), Tableau is the “undisputed leading tool regarding execution” and has the best user experience in addition to being “one of the more visionary manufacturers”.

Gartner notes that Tableau is by far the manufacturer that users appreciate most due to its ease and capacity for analysis. However, what are the specific features that have placed Tableau Software in this privileged position?

  • Effectiveness. Tableau is a powerful tool that makes it possible to analyse millions of rows of data in seconds thanks to its high-performance engine and a query language that translates your actions into a database query that is then expressed in a graphical manner. In addition, it features optimised connectors for almost any data source (from on-line systems, such as SalesForce or Google BigQuery or Google Analytics to traditional on premise systems, such as Oracle, MS SQLServer, Excel, etc.).
  • Visual appeal.There are times when it takes longer to understand a report rather than the data. Tableau’s extreme graphics capability is due to VizQL™ technology, which provides an experience in line with people’s visual intuition, enabling them to see and understand graphics, images and maps perfectly.
  • Simplicity. You will find the user experience highly intuitive not only when it comes to viewing the content but also when creating it. Tableau is user-friendly and its innovative technology enables you to “drag and drop” the data that need to be analysed. This reduces the familiarisation process.
  • Autonomy-Self-service. Tableau has been designed based on a self-service concept, which avoids dependence on IT departments. Users are autonomous when creating their reports and analysing data, and they can even connect to various data sources.

What can you do with Tableau?

Tableau Software is a tool that allows you to display data and share them on the Web, without the need for programming, through extremely fast analysis processes. In short, it provides an overview of what has happened in the company, and what is more important: why it happened, to be able to take the necessary measures. With Tableau you can:

  • Acquire key information on trends and values that you cannot find using other business intelligence solutions.
  • Filter and integrate data from various sources – Tableau can work with virtually any database – and build, always in a simple way, reports that provide new views of the numbers.
  • Detect new areas for savings by extracting behaviour patterns.
  • Reduce overhead costs on analytical tools while implementing a comprehensive tool in the company for day to day use.
  • It is possible to acquire all this on a tight budget and upgrade. You can begin with a single analyst and then upgrade if necessary, reaching hundreds or thousands of users.

All these advantages make Tableau a safe choice and ensure its success among users when it is implemented. In addition, Intelligence Partner can implement Tableau in your company, resulting in infrastructure savings and the possibility of accessing Tableau from anywhere in the world together with Google’s scalability and availability levels.

If you would like to know more, you are invited to our next webinar on Tableau on April 16, where we shall inform you of how it can contribute to your company.


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