The cloud and simplicity: CIO

G Suite

Two of the challenges IT managers are facing in 2015 are simplification, which translates into productivity, and uploading to the cloud. In this sense, being able to work simultaneously on a document that is fully compatible between computers and devices, browsers or operating systems, being able to share calendars and meet regardless of where each team member is, are some of the functions that any company should have in order to make the most of the workday.

Among all the options on the market, Google Apps allows for greater flexibility, productivity, cost and time savings; this is why more and more companies of all sizes are choosing to implement it each day.

Google Apps tools

  • Gmail: An e-mail service with extensive storage, interoperability, and that can be synchronized with other systems, with a powerful spam filter (Postini) among other advantages.
  • Calendar: Share your agenda with whoever you want, access other users’ calendars to arrange meetings, request attendance, create joint calendars…
  • Docs: Cooperate in the creation of documents, spreadsheets or presentations that can easily be edited by multiple users once you have granted access rights.
  • Drive: Store your documents (texts, presentations, images, videos…) in the cloud.
  • Sites: Easily create safe websites for intranets and team projects.
  • Hangouts: Video meetings at the click of button with up to 15 people.

What makes Google Apps so easy?

Google Apps has been designed from its foundations up to operate in the cloud, unlike other applications found on the market, which have been designed to work in situ. Real time cooperation facilitates the simultaneous, flexible and barrier-free viewing of and work on documents by several people.

  • From different devices, no matter where your employees are located. If they can be connected from another computer, at home, or anywhere from a smart phone, they are ready to work, view changes in the agenda, manage their mail and many other tasks. Google Apps is compatible with Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android.
  • From any operating system: it is also compatible with all major operating systems: PC, Mac or Linux.
  • From any browser. You can work from the main versions of the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Explorer and, of course, from the most current versions.
  • Always updated: to work with the latest version of Google Apps you simply have to update your browser. This is one of the great advantages of the cloud, together with the large storage capacity: continuous innovation without wasting a minute of your time.
  • The simplicity of the Google Apps interface results in a highly intuitive suite of tools and is one of the aspects that distinguishes Google. Learning to use them takes a fraction of your time so that you can use your time for more productive tasks connected with your business. In addition, the popularity of tools, such as Gmail will probably mean that many of your team members are already familiar with Google applications.
  • Convert files with common formats. Google Apps allows you to convert Microsoft Office formats, such as .doc, .xls and .ppt and also .pdf files.
  • Work off-line. It’s possible. Google Apps enables you to edit Docs, calendar and Gmail without an Internet connection, using only your Chrome browser, since the content will be synchronized when you go back to on-line.

Migrating to Google Apps

Google Apps is not only easy to use once installed and starting from scratch in your company; it also facilitates the migration of your current mailboxes, contacts or calendars.

Administrators can migrate users’ mailboxes from other platforms to Google Apps: from Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003, Cyrus IMAP Server, Courier-IMAP, Lotus Notes and Dovecot through the IMAP protocol and, of course, from other Google accounts.

All this can be accomplished without overlooking the most important aspect: the security of your information, which is achieved through the dissemination of servers in different geographical areas and with one single access to selected Google staff.

Use the most user-friendly and powerful tools, save time, gain storage capacity and reduce costs with Google Apps.

You can also contact Intelligence Partner, a Premier Partner of Google for Work in Spain, and request more information on the assessment and implementation of this solution. We shall help you with the installation, support, administration and training regarding Google Apps.


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