What is Google App Engine?

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Google App Engine is the solution from Google enabling the creation and hosting of web applications on the same systems as those used by Google applications. Google App Engine offers rapid development and implementation processes combined with simple administration without the need to worry about the hardware, platform updates, backup copies or scalability. And all at a far lower cost than the traditional on-premise environments.

Google App Engine can be used with Java, Go, Python and PHP.

It also offers the option to use Google Cloud SQL – a high availability relational database. This service is fully-managed and easy-to-use thanks to an intuitive GUI. The service includes an import and export function enabling users to transfer MySQL databases to Google Cloud SQL.

Intelligence Partner has extensive experience in working with this platform and has completed projects in a number of different sectors, ranging from a Task Force Automation application for optimising the management of incidents based on technician profile, location and shift to an application for managing holiday expenses and requests.

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