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Henceforth, new Google+ communities will be restricted to your domain by default if sharing is restricted in the Admin console. Posts in these communities are only viewable by people within the domain. However, you can still choose to create communities with people outside your organization so clients, agencies or business partners can join in. You can also make your community open to anyone at your domain or private, joinable by invitation only. Community owners can easily change settings, manage membership or invite other team members to join.

The four types of restricted communities are:

*Restricted communities may not yet be searchable in your domain.

**The name and photo of a “private in your domain” community that’s hidden from search will still be visible to people in your organization who type in or follow a link to the community’s web address. The name and photo will not be visible outside your organization.

If you choose not to have search engines index your community, the community itself won’t appear in Google search results. However, your community will still remain visible to anyone in your organization with the URL. Other pages and content (including websites, blogs, and Google products such as Picasa Web) that link to your community can still appear in search results. If someone outside your organization follows a link to your organization, they will see an error and won’t be able to view the community.

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