Animation improvements in Google Slides

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slides-smallAnimations are an easy way to make your presentations look more dynamic in Google Slides. Starting today, you can improve your Slides presentations with two new animations: Appear and Disappear. You can also now set the direction (to and from left, right, top, and bottom) of two previously existing animations: Fly in and Fly out.

Animations are helpful way to make your presentation slides look more dynamic in Google Slides. They’re also a great way to reveal text or objects on a slide one step at a time. For example, you could have five bullet points of text, and reveal them one-by-one on the slide with each click.

To place animations on a slide, open the Animations pane. There are three ways to open the Animations pane:

  • Select a slide. Then, go to the View menu and select Animations. The Animations pane will appear on the right side of your screen.
  • Select a shape. Then, go to the Insert menu and select Animation. The Animations pane will appear on the right side of your screen.
  • Right click on a selected shape and select Animate.

Here are the options available in the Animations panel:

  • Open the Fade in drop-down menu to choose how you’d like a selected shape to appear.
  • Click the On click menu to set the timing for the shape’s animation.
  • Adjust the speed of each shape’s animation by selecting a speed along the Slow, Medium or Fast spectrum.

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You can add as many animations to a slide as you’d like, with one animation per shape. To add an animation to a shape, click +Add animation in the Animations pane when that shape is selected, or right click the shape and select Animate.

The list of animations in the Animations pane is displayed the order in which animations will take place on the slide. Once an animation is listed in the Animations pane, you can drag an animation up or down to change the order in which shapes appear or disappear on the screen. To delete animations from a shape, click Delete next to that animation entry.

To test a series of animations on a slide, click the Play button.


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