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Act-On: Marketing Automation Software

Act-On Software is the leader in adaptive marketing solutions that enable marketers to create Adaptive Journeys™ using customer behaviors, preferences and data to intelligently guide the engagement strategy.

Act-On’s digital marketing engine, designed to address the needs of today’s CMO and their entire marketing team by making it simple to create, execute, and measure success of all digital marketing programs.

Main features:

  • Your Marketing Command Centre: Act-On allows you to make your marketing programs repeatable, scalable and measurable – enabling a consistent, customer-centric focus – across channels and across the entire lifecycle.
  • Enable cross-team alignment: Sales, marketing, and customer success teams can function as a coordinated alliance – working from shared intelligence gathered across channels, tools and roles – to build more profitable customer relationships.
  • Get going fast: Just set up your account, connect your database and start running your campaigns!
  • Keep your favourite tools: Act-On integrates with the most popular CRM and CMS systems, social networks, web and event management systems, data sources, and tools such as Litmus, AdWords and LinkedIn. Your technology stack, your way.
  • Your data-unlocked: Don’t let disparate systems slow you down. Act-On enables your critical marketing tools to work together to increase efficiencies and allow a data-driven marketing approach that creates a personalised experience for your customer.
  • Power Marketing & Power Sales: Act-On makes it easy for marketers to create, automate, measure and scale marketing, nurturing, upsell and retention campaigns.


And Act-On provides sales a window into prospect behaviours – right inside their CRM – leading to action and advocacy through timing and relevance. Right person, right message, right time.