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ToogleBox (Forigotron)

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ToogleBox takes you beyond simple Gmail management

ToogleBox (Forigroton) is a service that allows you to perform certain administrative tasks regarding Google mail aimed at “damage control” and implementing email service policies.

Key features:

  • Bulletin Board. Space for internal communications, important messages and reminders … Without sending emails!
  • Email tracking. This feature allows you to track an email message within the domain and detect external instances.
  • Contact audit. Audit of contacts that contain a given address within the domain.
  • Signature Enforcement. Apply the corporate signature by domain by organisational unit or individually.
  • Email Recall (by end users). This feature allows any user to retrieve emails that have been sent (recall their recipients), without the assistance of an administrator.
  • Email Deletion. Deletes all instances of a given email within the domain and detects external instances.
  • Contact Cleanup. Delete an address within the domain.
  • End User Info Update. Easily review and update the account information of domain users.
  • Clean up contacts of ex-users. Clean up contacts and addresses of the ex-users of the domain.
  • Other useful capabilities include notifying internal communications without sending emails, or deleting the emails of a phishing attack.