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Google Maps API

Advice on licensing

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We provide advice on the Google Maps licence you need

If you intend to develop a new web/mobile application using the Google Maps APIs, you must understand how the Premium Plan and Google Maps licences work so that you can prepare for future needs and to comply with Google’s legal requirements.

The cases when the use of the standard version of the API are not allowed and a professional Google Maps licence is required are the following:

  • Applications that exceed the usage limits of the standard plan.
  • Applications or websites that require end users or organisations to pay a fee to downloads content or have access (e.g., freemium, OEM or subscription).
  • Private applications or websites that have restricted access. This includes Intranets of employees or exclusive communities for guests.
  • Applications or websites that track the position of people and things (e.g. vehicles).

Intelligence Partner offers free advice on licensing based on usage and on our in-depth knowledge of the Google Maps APIs.