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1. Google Compute Engine: your virtual machines in the cloud

Google Compute Engine is a set of virtual machines hosted on Google‘s infrastructure (IaaS) and designed to run workloads on a large scale, benefiting from the performance of Google’s global fibre network. It works under a pay-per-use model:

  • Scalable, high-performance virtual machines that use Google’s data centres.
  • Fast and efficient network, even on a massive scale. Using Google’s private global fibre network, without interruptions.
  • Global network that respects the environment: a carbon-neutral 35% of the power used comes from renewable resources and the data centre network consumes 50% less than conventional ones.
  • Value: Google Compute Engine provides you with 50% more computing power than other leading cloud providers.

2. Google Container Engine: flexible servers

Google Container Engine is a powerful cluster management tool and an orchestration system for the implementation of your Docker containers. It plans your containers in the cluster and manages them automatically based on the criteria of your choice: the amount of reserve memory/CPU, number of replicas…

It is built on the Kubernetes system and, therefore, you can take advantage of on-premise, hybrid or cloud infrastructures

3. Google App Engine: scalable applications

Google App Engine is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) service that hosts applications, that facilitates a rapid development using the most common languages (Python, Java, PHP and Go) and gives you a high scalability level. It is transparent to the developer, since the infrastructure is fully self-managed.

  • It allows you to publish web applications on-line without having to worry about infrastructure issues.
  • It makes it easy to build, maintain and scale up your application to the extent necessary and has an automatic load balancer and scaling system.
  • Your application will only consume the necessary machines to behave as expected and for your App to enjoy the best response.
  • It automatically scales up your application in response to the amount of traffic that is received and, therefore, you only pay for the resources you use.
  • It consists of integrated services that allow you to implement web and mobile applications much faster.
  • It features automatic or manual security scanners and detects the most common vulnerabilities in web applications. It identifies any type of threat in time.
  • You can work with familiar development tools with which you can create your applications without changing your workflow.